About Us


Why should you choose to do business with the Max Levine Co.? Buying scrap metals and recycling scrap metals is what we do. We pay competitive prices and are willing to work with our customers to meet their needs. We offer industrial pick-ups, a convenient loading dock, a truck scale and the ability to process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Conveniently located just off the Lowell Connector Exit 4 Plain St, close to both Routes 3 & 495.

Steel Yard

Please check in the office before entering the Steel Yard. Our staff can direct you to the right place and answer any questions you may have. 

Ferrous v Non-Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous Metals not contain Iron, are not magnetic, and are generally more resistant to corrosion than Ferrous Metals. Examples of common Ferrous Metals are Copper, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys. A quick check with a magnet at home might help you if you're trying to tell at home or work.

What We Buy:

We offer the highest prices paid in the area

Our cutting edge technology allows us to test the composition of various metals on site. Industrial pick-ups are available, please contact us for information.

COPPER: No.1, No. 2, Bare Bright, Wire, Leaded, Zinc, Roofing

ALUMINUM: 60-61, 60-63, 50-52, Litho Sheets, Extrusions, Siding, Radiators, Wheels, Wire, New (MLC), Turnings, Aluminum/Copper, Radiators, Rims

BRASS: Plumbing, Machine, Nickel, Bronze, Plated, Yellow, Rod-Ends, Electric, Motors, Pipe, Radiators, Turnings

INSULATED WIRE: Electrical, Telecoms, Data

STAINLESS; 300's, Turnings

IRON: No. 1, No. 2, P&S, Light


Items We DO NOT Take:

Cans, Aerosol Cans, Gas Tanks, Refrigerators, Freezers, Microwaves, Computers, Tires, Insulated Materials, Items containing Plastics, Oil or Grease.

We do not buy or sell cars or car parts and we do not sell metals to the public.

Valid Photo I.D. is REQUIRED. No foot traffic. Minimum weights are required for transactions.

Proud Member of ISRI http://www.isri.org